Choosing a playlist for your drinks reception and/or wedding breakfast

Here at RSQ we always aim to create a totally bespoke experience for all our couples so that what happens on the day is completely unique to you. When it comes to choosing songs for your booking we encourage you to go with what your heart says! Choose your favourite pieces – don’t be afraid to mix and match, and throw pop, rock, film music and a bit of jazz all together!

We also love it if your guests get interactive with us! In the past, some of our couples have printed off a few copies of our repertoire list and given them out to guests, so that every song we play is a request! We also have a few tunes that are almost guaranteed to get your guests singing along, such as Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Can’t Take My Eyes off You (Frankie Valli) to name but a few!


As a guide, we would recommend choosing upbeat, dance-y tracks for your drinks reception and some slightly calmer numbers during the wedding breakfast. However, as a string quartet we can adjust our volume and speed extremely easily, so we can play a few of our more epic tunes in a quieter manner if it will suit the style of your event… Or we can totally go for it and rock out!



If we’ll be playing for your wedding breakfast we’d also recommend choosing a song to walk into, as your master of ceremonies introduces you into the room.

Interior of a wedding tent decoration ready for guestsOne of the most common questions we get asked is – how many songs can I choose? It’s a tricky one for us to answer as they’re all slightly different lengths, but in general we’d say allow 5 minutes per song. So if you have us playing for an hour at your drinks reception choose roughly 12 songs. We’d suggest choosing more than you think you’ll need (just in case you happen to pick some of the shorter ones!), and listing them in order of preference – so we make sure you get to hear your favourites.

What’s your favourite wedding song? Something to sing along to or something to get your feet moving? Let us know in the comments below!


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